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          1. 歡迎訪問日照市華業玻璃有限公司!

            E-mail: rzhuaye@126.com

            Huaye meets you at GLASSTECH ASIA 2023 | 華業玻璃與您相約2023 年亞洲國際玻璃展覽會



            GLASSTECH ASIA 2023 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 29th November to 1st December. Huaye Glass will be present at this exhibition, booth number is Hall 5, H04, we sincerely invite new and old customers to visit our booth.

            2023 年亞洲國際玻璃、門窗幕墻展覽會 11 月 29 日-12 月 1 日在泰國曼谷隆重開幕。華業玻璃將亮相于本次展會,展位號為Hall 5, H04,誠邀廣大新老客戶蒞臨展位參觀交流。


            GLASSTECH ASIA organised by MMI ASIA, is the most professional and largest glass exhibition in Southeast Asia, enjoys the "Southeast Asia glass centre" reputation, is a let industry insiders in-depth understanding of the glass raw materials, glass manufacturing, cold-end processing, product shaping of the event, and for them to create a use of this to enter the Southeast Asia the development of this continuously growing market platform.

            亞洲國際玻璃、門窗幕墻展覽會由MMI ASIA主辦,是東南亞地區最專業最大型的玻璃展覽會,享有“東南亞玻璃中心”的美譽,是一個讓業內人士深入了解玻璃原材料、玻璃制造、冷端處理、產品成型的盛會,并為他們創造一個借此進入東南亞這個持續成長的市場發展的平臺。

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